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Strive for success

Strive for success is a program that is being run in 2018 to support and mentor students to maximise their HSC results. The program seeks to develop and establish effective study skills, motivation and goal setting and tutoring support.

This program includes the following: 

Elevate study skills

Students attend 1-hour seminars run by Elevate which equip students with knowledge and tools to improve their study. Also includes advice on balancing school, work and life, and maximising their study time to get the most out of their academic time at school. Resources are available online for all students to access at any time. 

Strive for success interviews/ careers success coaching 

Interviews conducted for all ATAR students in year 12 and their parents to ensure all students are receiving individualised feedback on their progress, supported in improving study and developing clear post-school pathways. The interviews ensure students are engaging with Senior campus programs and allow students and parents to provide feedback to ensure the programs that have been implemented are effective in maximising student achievement and the transition to University, TAFE or work is successful. 

Tutoring - including holiday tutoring

There is an array of tutoring that is offered to all students at the senior campus. During the holidays leading up to HSC Trial Examinations in term 3 as well as the holidays leading into the HSC in term 4 tutoring on site will be made available to year 12 students. This tutoring timetable can be found on the parent portal, student email and via the learning centre at the school. 

HSC hub 

All year 12 students have received access to online tutoring via their student email. HSC Hub is a valuable resource which goes through each syllabus dot point relevant to the subject being studied. It provides videos on that dot point which provide valuable information and another form of developing an understanding of concepts taught in class as well as reviewing past HSC questions and suggested responses. 

Access to University of Sydney a star tutoring program

A.Star TV/ YOURTUTOR is an online tutoring service allowing students to access immediate support between 3pm - 10pm Sunday - Friday. It also includes a CheckMate service where students are able to upload an essay and receive feedback within 24hours. This service is provided by both students and lecturers of the University of Sydney 

HSC seminars

HSC Seminars - Dubbo College Senior Campus have partnered with Dubbo School of Distance Education to host the HSC Seminars at the Senior Campus on the 7th and 8th of June this year. Experts from across the state in the delivery of HSC courses including current HSC markers will deliver lectures to year 12 students. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to access Seminars to maximise their performance in the Trial and HSC examinations. 

Attendance support  

Ensuring students maintain their attendance is vital for the duration at school. The senior campus provides notification to parents if their students have truanted or have an unexplained absence for that day. 

Unpacking the task nights  

This evening aims to empower parents in supporting their child's assessment results. Teachers deliver seminars that unpack the task and give parents an understanding of the requirements and how they can best support their child's success. 

Strive for success mentoring program

Working with year 12 students who are achieving high marks in their subjects, and who want to support in maximising their academic results in year 12. This can include advice on juggling work/life balance, study techniques, access to tutoring; ensuring assessments are completed in a timely manner and regular check-ins with students to keep track of progress. 

For more information, please contact Mrs Stephanie Richardson Strive for Success coordinator. She is available Tuesday – Thursday on 02 6882 4655.